Pure Face Bluefin Tuna Cream


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Innovative extract from tears bluefin tuna. Patent in South Korea With a creamy formula that can restore skin deep. Softens Exfoliation Build collagen, tighten skin , making the skin look younger, smoother skin, acne, freckles and dark spots and moisturize in one. Our skin needs more effectively.

The creams tears tuna are 9 reasons:
1. Restoration of skin care deeply.
2. skin smooth and radiant
3. skin moisturized and soft water
4. Reduce irritating rash.
5. reduce clogging of the skin.
6. reduce the appearance of acne spots, freckles
7. tighten pores.
8. Lifting Youthful
9. strengthen collagen to the skin.

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Weight 70 g


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