Refund/Shipping Terms & Conditions

When you make a purchase from us, you are in agreement with the following guidelines:

Refund Guidelines:

Upon sending us a cancellation notice via email, you will receive your refund within 30 working days. Refunds are only applicable to orders that have not yet been shipped. The refund for online payments will be processed through our online payment portal, not in cash. We will refund the exact amount we received from the bank, excluding any surcharge fees. Note that once an order is dispatched, it is final sale and cannot be returned or refunded.

For refunds made through PayPal, we do not cover any surcharge fees imposed by PayPal. Only the net amount received by us after deducting the surcharge fee will be refunded.

It is advisable to check your customs regulations before placing an order, as some countries may hold packages. If your order is detained by customs after shipment, we will not be liable for any refunds.

Please ensure you select the correct shipping fee before payment. In the event of an incorrect selection, you will be required to settle the additional shipping fee for your order to be dispatched on time. Failure to pay the additional fee will result in the order not being shipped.

If a customer disputes a credit card charge after the initial order has been dispatched, all products must be returned before a full refund is processed.

Shipping Guidelines:

We ship globally using Thailand Post EMS, Air Parcel, DHL, and FedEx. Kindly allow 8-9 working days for order preparation and shipping. Contact us for the accurate shipping fee.

Defective products may be replaced, but rest assured, we check the quality of all items before shipping.

Certain products are available for pre-order to guarantee quality, and there may be delays due to production processes, which customers should bear in mind.

For customers in the Philippines, we only ship using sea cargo, with an expected arrival time of 4 weeks or longer depending on customs clearance.

For PayPal payments on hold for 21 days, we will only ship orders once the payment is released.

In case of returned orders due to customs restrictions, we can arrange a re-shipment using an alternative international courier.

Please note that shipping and refund policies are subject to change without prior notice.


We are not liable for undelivered, delayed, damaged, or lost products due to various reasons, such as destination country laws, document requirements, customs refusal, courier errors, or incorrect shipping information.